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  1. hi, hope this doesn't  bother you too much.....

    I saw that you are on an IPAD Pro. As i am about to migrate from Windows/Android to Apple,  I do need some support.

    However, I think,  it might be better to communicate via chat or email.

    the questions i have are evernote related (not so much on how to migrate but more about the features of evernote ). i am very much disappointed about the lag of features of the Android vs. Windows  version. As I am a very intense tablet  user, I need to know how far the evernote version for IPPro is away from the actual full "computer" version.

    As I am working in China at the moment I tried  to get some answers  from the local Apple store, however,  they actually have zero knowledge. .......

    my email: ReichertRo@gmail.com 

    thanks in advance for your efforts


    1. DTLow


      Sorry to give you bad news, but the IOS (iPad) version also lacks many of the desktop platform features

      I'm not familiar with Android but I suspect the experience is the same.

      I use my iPad for reviewing notes, but mostly my creation is done on my Mac

    2. Ruobin


      thx, that helped. Finally  it confirms that Tablets /Pads can't  replace PC/Notebooks (which is  IMHO a shame for the industry, as they want to hold on to old concepts on the shoulder of the consumers ).

      Microsoft is trying to bring windows 10 and followers to the tablet platforms. however, they are not brave enough to give their operating system the necessary kick and polish to the GUI. And Apple didn't  give the PadPro line the full Apple experience by installing  the castrated OS of Pads instead of the full version of the notebook series. So, the name "Pro" is a kind of overstatement.  

      Thx again for your quick response, it probably safes me a thousand bugs.




  2. hi, I can see your idea, however, that's not the way your notes are supposed to be organized IMHO. Evernote is restricted to 250 notebooks afaik. It makes more sense to build a tree or a catalog of tags (which allows you to put even multiple tags on your notes). I actually use only two "main" notebooks ..."inbox" and ...."archive"...All other notebooks are only for: local notebooks, shared notebooks or "special item" notebooks. This means I only have a handful of notebooks and all my notes are organized by a "tag-structure". Hope this helps you to get rid of your "create new notebook- problem". RR
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