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  1. Hey man, you made my day! Yes, indeed, it works Hopefully evernote will not add another menu items named "Title" in future
  2. Tried different variants (View->Sort by:Title, View->Sort by->Title) - nothing worked for me as well
  3. +1. Or save the sort order for the the notebook. Some notebooks by default need order by name, but the full list of notes should be ordered by date. Very inconvenient to change ordering manually each time... I doubt developers read this forum though, there is long thread about formatting enhancements (styles etc) but there is no reaction from devs
  4. I tried to post the comment in the central page, where evernote posted the news about great enhancements in Macos. There were "many features for editing notes" - but not styling or this kind, but editing tables and pictures. There was the moderation for questions, I don't know, whether my post was allowed. I put the link to this thread there. As we see, there is still no success, Evernote has lots of new features considering chatting, shared access and the other staff, but they still cannot make acceptable editing. As for me - I use Apple Pages for editing. There are pretty tunable hotkeys for styles, formatting the document is exclusively simple and user-friendly. I noticed, that I don't use Evernote for manually creation of notes anymore. Most of all I use Web clipper for storing articles. So evernote is like the document storage with fast and powerful search. That's what it is good in. It is not good in editing at all.
  5. I think that all styles and copying-pasting of format may be delayed if another thing is introduced: multiselect/multiedit. The common editing paradigm - enter the textual content and when everything is finished - format it. And if you have several pages of text you have to move from line to line and apply the number of actions (text size, boldness, alignment) again and again. If multiselect (and therefore multiedit) would be possible - all these actions could be applied "in batch". Just select all "headings" apply the number of actions - and they become really formatted pieces of text! Is this possible? Thanks.
  6. Very pity, that's such a important task is not done yet. Seems that Evernote developers consider that everyone used notes for creation of one-paragraph text. As for me, I use it for creation of short synopsyses for all technical materials that I meet anywhere. And this is not one-two paragraph text - it has some areas with headings. So each time I have to go through text and constantly change font size, make it bold and change its color. If I have 5 heading - this requires 15 actions. I think LOTS of people have the same scenarios for using evernote. Can anyone from developers tell if this feature is planned or not? I'm not speaking about full Microsoft Word features (though inserting TOCs using headings would also be great), but Headings is a "must have" feature for any text-oriented frameworks! Guys from evernote team, please answer! Thanks
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