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  1. Please please bring Print Margin options to evernote!. Small, med large. anything is better than having a 39mm left and 43mm top margin. 43MM GUYS! this is crazy. Also... i'm sorry but these excuses about HTML and canvas are just not good enough. These things are not very difficult to achieve.
  2. jefito, I maybe missing a trick here but... doesn't indenting simple indent the whole line? I mean thats what indenting is for... right? How does this fix the issue? In the example on the above post it shows the following problem. Various 'columns' in the list will not line up in Evernote. It makes them look terrible. How do tabs perform? :Line1 They do ok :Line2 Really? NO! :Line3 WOW! I know!! :Line4
  3. jefito, I'm aware of the technicalities behind why this is hard... deep in the roots of Evernotes historical platform decisions. But the general user population aren't... and don't care. They just like things that look better and work better as a finished article (or note). In the end.. its the 'little things that kill'.... as they mount up one by one into a frustrating mass of niggles. Especially when number of competitors begin to mount up and catchup. People see that there are alternatives with less 'niggles'.
  4. Hello, Not sure this really answers the cry for help. I'm not looking for formatting super powers here. I use Word for that. Just the ability to order simple lists in a vertically straight line. Here is a nice comparison with another 'simple' note system (no pun intended!) https://plus.google.com/107263798005862163411/posts/JgyfFRbSDy7
  5. Hello! Please please please please PLEASE can the devs sort out tab sizing so that they're not just a fixed number of spaces relative to the preceding text. They're pointless as they stand today as they only provide a 'large space' in a single line rather than to provide vertical straight line list structure to a document. When will this be sorted? Many thanks.
  6. Also... it would be unreasonable to say that just because people use notes in a workflow type fashion that this suddenly means we're building a task management application.
  7. Whether for task management, general note 'workflow' or other reason.... mutually exclusive tag groups are very very handy and do not denote a 'Task manager' or 'To-do' app. The feature is heavily used in apps like Mind Manager (Mindjet) for categorisation of nodes (like notes) in a given map. A good way to implement this would be to enable a 'mutually exclusive' option to a tag group in the tag hierarchy. Once you add one of those tags another from the same list is removed. If you make a tag group exclusive and there are already multiples assigned to a note then a sensible warning with those notes listed with the option to choose a one of the tags would be handy. If not just take the first one in the list and warn that some have been removed.
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