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  1. Well to have 2 Evernote clients work on the same Evernote filesystem sounds like a very bad idea. But as a backup solution it could work. I don't know how well built the Google Drive client is but perhaps it could slow down the client.
  2. can I view a complete changelog of public 4 in the client of somewhere on the web?
  3. Hi, I clipped a rectangle via Evernote in de menu bar. But it includes the dock... Why is this? See what I mean in Regards, Bram
  4. Hi, Yesterday I attached a pcap file* and PDF file to a note and sent the share url over IRC (some nerdy chat protocol) to a friend. But, I noticed that the .pcap file was not in the note on the url. Evernote seems to restrict sharing certain file types. I did not like that. Now I had to move the file to Dropbox and sent my friend the public link. Why is this? I think security reasons. But, why not revoke this restriction on premium clients? Regards, Bram * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pcap
  5. Hi there, The webclipper does a good job. Often. It fails 1 on the 10 times trying to understand/grab the contents of a website. For example bbcgoodfood. Try clipping http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/pear-blue-cheese-walnut-sandwich-topper I can imagine it's hard to scrape content of a website the clipper cannot know. But, isn't it possible (like the GreaseMonkey extension) to write plugins (in Javascript) to tell the clipper - how to - clip the contents of this specific website? Sure, this is a lot of work because you have to build a javascript plugin system into the webclipper but it would also create a community of plugin builders and has the potential to improve clipping to Evernote for all of us. Regards, Bram
  6. Hi there, If you clip a PDF with the Evernote Webclipper the note gets no title despite the PDF file itself has a title. Why not use that? Is it impossible to read this PDF metadata in Chrome? Regards, Bram
  7. Oh I think I agree with you. Changing this if it's not a big problem for a lot of people is a waste of precious developer hours. But I think it's wise to pin our thoughts about Evernote here. Perhaps a lot of people have the same ideas about my problems with it and Evernote rethinks it and hey it - might - change...
  8. You are right. Putting this in the iOS and/or Android section would have been better.
  9. Hi, I use offline notes. But at this time - correct me if i'm wrong - I need to set specific notebooks to offline. But, it does not work that way for me. I have a shopping list in 'General Notes' I would like to keep offline. I have a 'Go Bag item list' in Notebook 'Lifehacker' I would like to keep offline. I would really like an option in Evernote in the TAG systeem to configure specific tags to offline syncing. You can then collect them in a virtual offline notebook in the mobile clients. Regards, Bram Heerink
  10. See: http://erik.io/blog/2014/01/03/watch-that-cache-dropbox-evernote-insufficiently-protecting-ios-6-data/ Kind Regards, Bram
  11. Hi there, I initiated this post when updating to 5.4.3. I solved it with rebooting, see thread. When I upgraded to 5.4.4 the same thing happened. It took me more to solve it this time. I did not reinstall software or reboot. But I killed de ScanSnap Manager a few times, I rebooted Evernote a few times, rearranged the reboot order of the apps and suddenly the problem vanished. It looks like ScanSnap Manager cashes some sort of path/route to communicatie with Evernote and you have to find a way to force a rerouting to Evernote. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck Bram
  12. Hi, I'm a Premium Evernote user. But when clipping an article to Evernote this ad showed: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s52/sh/369b238b-1f5c-4813-adb3-f0dcd9cb1d8c/c0e009568be1a33a1e3213b90e2ed38a annoying. Regards, Bram
  13. Today I did something stupid: I deleted a bunch of notes. After that I needed to dig through my Trash notebook to recover the accidentally deleted notes. The error I made was quite trivial. I tried to perform a search in the search box. I clicked in the search field, hit cmd+a and then delete. A selection of notes went to Trash. Quicky I realised what went wrong. The click in the search field failed and the focus was still on the notes. So, I did not select all the parameters in the search field, I instead selected all the notes in the current list view and deleted them. People make mistakes. But, software can and should be more forgiving. I was unable to find out what notes I deleted (moved to Trash). The modification date from the deleted note was not unchanged. If Evernote had updated the modification date I could have sorted on it and restored the notes more easily. Also, I cannot remember Evernote asked for permission when I deleted a selection of notes. And, a deleted notes keeps his tags but if I restore a note it's put back in my default Notebook. Is it that hard to recover to the Notebook I deleted it from? You can call me a moron. But, people are morons, that's why they have computers. And that's why software designers should design an intuitive interface. Telling my story so you could share your ideas and perhaps our feedback could inspire the developers @ Evernote to redesign this delete workflow. Regards, Bram
  14. You are right in one way. But I have looked at those apps and a lot of them require a rooted device to be smarter in making screenshots. I don't know if there is a solution for my problem. Perhaps people here experienced the same problem in protected content apps but found a smarter way in getting the content in Evernote. Would be nice if screenshots in Android would go automatically to Evernote. Can always trash & merge notes.
  15. i think this will not help me clipping content from protected apps - or - i don't understand how to do it. reagards, bram
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