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  1. Hadn't used the desktop version of Evernote for a while and finally logged in today only to discover it was now shoving ads down my throat. I get that you're couching this as an enabling feature that helps us do research better, but if that's the case, answer this simple question: is there a back-end revenue stream associated with Context? If so, they're ads, no matter what you call them. I turned this feature off, but I'm very disappointed Evernote decided to go down this route. I do not want Context. I will not use Context. If you ever take away my ability to completely disable it, I will cancel my premium subscription immediately. Which makes me realize an assumption I was making. I shouldn't assume, so I'll ask it: When I disable Context in preferences, is it **completely disabled** or are you still using my data or anything else in the background to support/enable the service?
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