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  1. I hate saying 'me too' in a forum, but you did ask I've never struck this before but have just gone back to review notes on an interview I did yesterday and while the pages are there, most of the notes on them – bar the first line – have disappeared. Same in the app, in Evernote, and in a PDF exported to Dropbox. And yes, in the grid view I can see all the detail, until I do anything to the page after which all that detail is also missing from grid view. Looking on the web and this forum it seems this problem, or a version of it, has been around for a long time. Frankly it makes Penultimate useless – if you can't rely on it to record what you've written, what's the point? Back to Notability and Notes Plus for me.
  2. Have to add a voice of dissent: I actually like the new implementation and find it easier to write than with other apps that provide a zoom feature (e.g. Notability). The light image of the whole page under the zoomed page is very clever, so I can see where I am on the page. The only thing I find a little clunky is the initial zoom from the full page, which is a bit clunky and has a tendency to 'over-zoom'. Also not sure if there is a way to turn the page from the zoomed mode, or do you need to zoom back out before doing so (as I'm doing at the moment). Just my two bobs' worth. It's certainly worth giving a try.
  3. The latest release of Evernote for Mac (5.4.1) allows markup of all notes, including Penultimate notes, which is nice. However, I notice that not only is markup made to a Penultimate note using the desktop app not synced to iOS (no big surprise there), but the pages that have been marked up on the desktop actually disappear from the iOS version altogether. Further, on the Desktop version the annotated page is moved to the end of the notebook after a sync. I understand that two way syncing of Penultimate notebooks is not yet a feature, but it would be better not to allow markup of those notebooks on the desktop if they're going to cause this sort of mess. Anyone else with this experience, or a fix?
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