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  1. Jer, Thank you so much! I thought I was running the newest version, but because I use Apple Configurator and not iTunes, it wasn't actually syncing the new update. Once I did this, all the crashing finally stopped! I did experience two iPads that rebooted all together. Has any other Skitch user had any issues related to rebooting? I'm hoping it doesn't happen too often. Thanks again for your help! Kelly
  2. I apologize for these being pictures instead of text. We do not have email setup on student iPads, so I had to screen capture and then take a picture with my phone. One picture is from where just the app crashed, and the other is from where it actually rebooted the entire iPad. In one class period (40 mins), we had more than 18 cases where the app crashed. http://imageshack.us/a/img547/7122/39sy.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img856/8013/6ryp.jpg]
  3. Hello, First let me say that I am in LOVE with Skitch and have been for awhile. However, in the last few weeks, since updating, all Skitch does is CRASH...and we're talking crashing to the point where the iPad itself completely reboots. As a tech teacher who manages 25 iPads, I am experiencing this almost across the board. We use iPad 2's and are running iOS 7.0.2. Is there anything I can do to stop this?? I've been using this app with my students all week, and we've been having SUCH problems! It's such a shame too, because my kids REALLY like this app, and the potential for its use is limitless. Please help! Thank you, Kelly
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