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  1. Are all the people complaining using Windows? In OS X Evernote 6 looks great. The new version feels more integrated into the OS; it's much less the "big green elephant" in the room. The layout of the app has changed very little. If you don't like the color gray then I guess that's a personal choice, but it's hard for me to believe someone who says they're going to ditch the app completely over a palette change.
  2. Holy *****; this worked for me as well! In my case, I had a file named `XProtect.meta_OLD.plist` just sitting there, so I did `sudo ln -s XProtect.meta_OLD.plist XProtect.meta.plist`, restarted Evernote and it's all working! I assume the company I work for moved that file, but who knows why. If it gets reverted I will set up a cron task to make sure it's never broken again
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