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  1. @basilweibel: it's under "Account Summary", the 4th item on the page.
  2. I've noticed the search function seems very buggy - sometimes it just doesn't work at all (I type the word I'm searching for, hit return, and... nothing! Or it just shows all of my notes, not just the ones containing the search term). I second the request from basilweibel for a feedback link in the beta, there have been a few things I've thought of whilst using it that I have completely forgotten now, whereas if there was a really easy way to send feedback from within the beta I'd probably have just sent a quick note then & there. basilweibel: you can turn the beta off via the settings (
  3. Actually, related to my original complaint about use of screen space, I thought that if you decide to keep this combination of whitespace, large text, wide spacing etc then perhaps you could offer customisation like gmail where they let us set the "display density". In gmail I alway have it set to "compact" as I prefer to have as much information visible on one page as possible, rather than filling the page with padding.
  4. I get that this is an early beta & many functions haven't been added yet, so I'll hold off on making complaints about the lack of essential features for now, but I just wanted to add something related to what Albert_CA_BA said. Personally I find the new design far MORE distracting and harder to work with, as suddenly I'm having demands placed on my working memory that weren't there before, rather than having everything in front of me so I can just switch between things or refer back to things as needed. As it stands, this design feels like it would be great for creating standalone quick no
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