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  1. Jefito, Thank you very much! F5 did the trick. Regards, Alan
  2. Windows 10 Pro Anniversary edition Latest download of Evernote PC ------------------------------------------------ Column headings in List View, e.g. 'Title', 'Created', etc. not showing below search bar. View has note list and left panel checked. How can I get column headings to appear? Thanks. Alan
  3. Thanks. That will do it, I was hoping for a way to close all the open note windows without closing the main app's list of notes, but at least using exit will save me from individuality closing each open note window. Alan
  4. Is there a way to Close all note windows at once? I know it can be done by grouping taskbar app buttons in the task bar, but I don't want to group group apps. Is there some other way, e.g. using the windows TaskKill command to kill the Evernote process? Thanks. Alan
  5. Thanks to all who answered my question. The sorting by title worked for me. Alan
  6. Evernote Android Version 6.2.1 Hi, Is there a way to suppress the thumbnails in Android version All Notes view so that there is only a single line note title for each note in the list, with no wasted space between titles. I want the same kind of lean, clean List View as in the PC version. Thanks. Alan
  7. I understand that Evernote Premium Notebooks are also stored on Android device for offline use. I will be in China and not connected to internet all the time. What folder are they stored in on device? I want to check if files are really there and available for offline use, Is there anything in the app that would tell me if the disploayed notebooks are really resident on device, and not just on web? Thanks. Alan
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