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  1. Here is what I do, and I would be happy if someone else can try on their setup - Sign out of EN - Shutdown your computer - Unplug your cable (or, in the case of a wireless, turn off your WiFi-station) - Reboot your computer - Start EN - Try to log in. This scanraio is not at all wierd - it is a common thing to do with laptops. Unplugging a running computer is not the same as rebooting with no network, and has to do with caching of DNS lookups and so on. On mine, I get "Can't connect to server". Which is, obviously, correct - technically speaking. It seems to be consensus that it is a feature and not a bug. There are many reasonable causes for this behaviour, but I agree it is a negative one. I will submit a "Request for change". Thank you! [TaSK]
  2. Just for completeness: As far as I can understand, this reply does not answer the question: Is it a bug or a feature? I am obviously talking about the application. In any case, thank you! [TaSK]
  3. Now, "Don't log out" is not an answer to my question. My question is "Bug or feature?" If it si a bug it will be fixed as I will submit a bug-report But if it is a feature, there must be a very good reason for it having being introduced. I hope to understand why. And having it changed, obviously. The thing is, when I open my laptop on remote places, I need to KNOW that EN will work. That I will be able to log in. Things like "hoping" and "in most cases" don't count. On a side not, I was not at all offended by the reply from BurgersNFries; I do in fact thank you for trying to assist me! Thank you for your assistance! [TaSK]
  4. Well, I found that thread and it didn't answer my question. When my machine reboots without connectivity, I obviously have to log in again. And EN won't let me. Is this a feature or a bug? [TaSK]
  5. I'm using EN on a laptop and a desktop. Yesterday I booted the laptop in a place without connectivity. The plan was to take some note and having them synched in later. However, EN refused to log me in, saying "Can't connect to server. Please try again later". The version is and I am premium user. Is it supposted to be like this? If so, how can I circumvent it? [TaSK]
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