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  1. Thanks Thanks Jeff, but I would still need to scan through my notes, find the word I wanted to apply as a tag, Alt-Ctrl-T, and then type the word (or part of it) again. It would be easier to just type it into the "Add new tag" control at the top of the note, but would still mean extra typing. I'm proposing a double-click,right-click,apply-selection-as-tag option.
  2. I've just started using EN to plan and reflect on my day. We run a ten day cycle so I usually put in a heading such as Monday Day 1. I can then search for all the notes with the same title and spot problems/issues that occur at the same time on that particular part of the cycle (e.g Year 8 arrive at my class, absolutely bonkers because they have just had PE). I'd like a template though rather than having to type out the basic format each day. I've not worked that one out though. I like the search tool. I can type in a student name and come back with all of the references to that student. Helps with reporting, etc. I also use tags to help me stay on top of things I need to do later, such as add notes about a particular student to the agenda for a welfare meeting. I'm also trying to cross-reference resources between lessons and curricular notes. Lots of unexplored potential as yet.
  3. I apologise if this is posted in the wrong spot but I couldn't find a forum specifically for suggestions/changes. I'm starting to get the hang of using EN and am making an effort to make it the focus of my workspace rather than just using it as an adjunct. I work as a teacher and am trying to use the program as a way of planning and reflecting on my day. I include notes about what I plan to teach and links to resources as well as reflecting on lessons and commenting on welfare/behaviour issues that arose during the day. Some things need to be actioned at the next welfare meeting or via our student database and I use tags to help organise the notes in such a way that I can refer back to currently relevant information via my short-cuts and add notes to the various other systems that we use in the school. I find the tag allocation options a bit clunky. Most of the time I work with my notes in the main window rather than opening a separate window for each note. I find that the space for allocating tags at the top of the screen is a little cramped. Reading the forum this afternoon I've also found out about the multiple tag allocation tool, which I may find useful but again I find a bit clunky. My suggestion is that you allow the user to right click a selected word or phrase and use the context menu to assign the selection as a tag to the note. If the context menu was intelligent it could make suggestions from the existing tag database. For instance if you selected the word "chicken", the context menu would give you the option of assigning "chicken" as a tag but would also offer "chickens" as an alternative, since you had already assigned that as a tag. Instead of reading through my notes and having to manually type in the tags I want or trying to find multiple tags in the relatively small window, I just want to be able to assign tags with a minimum of clicking. This wouldn't necessarily be useful to everyone, but I believe it would be useful to enough to make it worthwhile thinking about. I use Windows but don't think this needs to be platform specific.
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