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  1. Not faithful any more. Premium suspended, switched to Bear, Google Drive and Pocket. Goodbye Evernote.
  2. BREAKING NEWS : Evernote doesn't give a f*** about our discussions. As Evernote Premium and daily user, I'm feeling the tool is becoming old, lacking new functionalities, and not being significantly improved. Personally, I am searching for a new daily companion for collecting and working. Maybe two tools, like OneNote or GoogleDrive + Omnifocus. Switch is coming.
  3. Too complicated on a quick search when working, or simply on mobile. Plus it does not prevent from seeing the notes in "all" list and notebooks in the dropdowns. It needs to be a EN func.
  4. I really want that too. I'm using Evernote in my GTD system, so it's becoming vital for me to archive and make invisible some notebooks. The perfect system, as I see it, would be to be able to mark a pile as "invisible" in search, dropdowns, and all notes list. Like a real desk : I have a day to day drawer in which I keep the current notebooks, and another one in which I keep old notebooks. An option on search box would allow to search in invisible items. Same system for EN, just a visibility option for users. I personally (like many other users) don't use tags, so your solution is not viable for me JMichael. What do you think ? I hope Evernote is reading us.
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