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  1. I use EverNote dialy on my Windows 7 PC, but also regularly on my iPad 4 and IPhone 5 (both IOS 6). One of the things I do daily is to keep logs of team member status reports, which I enter into EverNote using the outlining mechanism - basic bullets and indents. I send a daily summary of the team's activity out using Outlook, weekly updates, product release status reports., etc. When I copy from EverNote to an Outlook 365 email. the formatting gets all screwy, with extra empty bullets being added each time there is a level of nested bullets. Also, the font size changes from a source in EverNote of Calibri 11 to a destination in Outlook Calibri 13.5. This happens regardless of whether I set the Outlook email format to Pain Text, Rich Text or HTML. This is unacceptable. The whole point of using EverNote is that it allows me to use the device that is available to me (especially when travelling) to access a shared set of documents. Interopoerability with the Microsoft Office suite is pretty fundamental. A few lines like are shown below is not a big deal to correct, but several pages of outlining sent one or more times a day that require font changes and hand elimination of 'extra bullets' is pretty irritating - enough that I am contemplating going back to Word and forgoing the benefits of EverNote. Note to mention that the outlining in evernote has bugs, especially with an intermittent 'floating extra bullet' artifact that is very difficult or impossible to remove. Before Aaron EAS 4.6Got the new 4.6 to my sandboxSetup new Capri (4.6) on my computer After Aaron EAS 4.6 Got the new 4.6 to my sandboxSetup new Capri (4.6) on my computer
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