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  1. Evernote is still banking on the idea that users won't leave because all their notes are in Evernote but the way this is going... I might change from a devoted user to leaving the Evernote system. There are never great surprises like in the past, just short term solutions to sh(*&ty software they produced... From workflow to zero in no time.
  2. Sadly it's not gone. It also takes a long time to load the list of notebooks. Just a sign that Evernote will discontinue in the near future. They just don't care about customers. The company I work for switched to Onenote. I'm still using Evernote just because I have too many notes in it. I strongly discourage other people I know to use Evernote. Quite a change from being an avid supporter...
  3. The sheer lack of respect of the Evernote team for the intelligence of it's customers is second to none. As if we cannot decide what we want! Very foolish too since this will cost the company loyal customers. Just respect us and give us the option to warn of the extremely obvious. Moving notes not only costs more time because of the options that need clicking through but loading time of the notebook list takes half a minute when the internet is not super fast. This was never a problem before. The iOS apps are working less stable than ever. Maybe Evernote secretly just wants to cease to exist... How else would people change a good working system that lives on the support of it's customers now totally disregard the wishes of these very customers?
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