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  1. Hello, • It's great on EVERNOTE Windows to be able to sort all REMINDS per Remind date. • Unfortunately I can't find any Remind Date sort option on Evernote Android • I'm a PALM user for 15 years, and I'm obliged to leave it because coming to Windows 7 that don't support Palm Desktop...So I need to migrate from Palm to something, and my choice is definitively Evernote for all MEMO and TODO. I'll go to JORTE for CALENDAR • In Palm Desktop or Palm handled T5, I can manage all my Reminders within Calendar. So it was very easy to set a date for any remind, as we can do also now in Evernote But this get a sense on Evernote Android if you can sor those Reminds by Remind date in order to be able to check all reminders you get for a given (remind) date, • This should not be very hard to add in Evernote Android, I hope it will be implemented very very soon. Thank you. Best Regards
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