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  1. That's definitely not my use case. I don't think I have ever encountered a PDF with embedded attachments, so it is not something I would expect.
  2. I at least am talking about exporting a note as pdf. I have to say it is hard to imagine an application that allows attachments that would not allow you to then access/export those attachments. Sounds like one of those write-only memories.
  3. Going on four months since this was asked. I also miss this feature.
  4. Interesting! When entering items using the [] shortcut, having a previous item or items without a checkbox does not prevent the conversion of the entire list to a checklist, but I agree that it does prevent the autoconversion on reopening.
  5. Except that the beginning of a line is where checkboxes naturally go! Yes, the vertical is probably the best option--until EN decides that it means something else! 😉
  6. I should add that while turning off the strikethrough would be nice, it would still leave me frustrated. I often use bulleted lists with an occasional checkbox. Currently the whole thing will get converted to a checklist.
  7. I am frustrated by Evernote's agressive conversion of checkboxes to checklists. There are plenty of case where checking checkbox does not imply 'done' and does not warrant crossing the item off the list. It's a nice feature for one use case, but it is pretty annoying for all the other use cases. Even when making a checklist (say for a work procedure), I find the strikethrough redundant and unhelpful. The checklist serves as a record of operations, and I actually want to be able to read it even after the boxes are checked. I might very well wish to edit it for the next time I perform that procedure, and the strikethrough interferes. Probably the best solution would be to have an option on the checklist to turn off the strikethrough. In the meantime, I have seen that some people have found some workarounds that prevent their checkboxes from being turned into checklists. I like to use bulleted lists with various indent levels and add checkboxes to those. Putting a space before the checkbox was offered as a workaround that prevented the instant conversion of the whole list to a checklist, and that still works, but the next time I open Evernote, even those are converted to checklists. Does anyone have a workaround that will stick?
  8. I don't know if it is a feature of the latest update, but while the space [] hack works while entering data in a regular bulleted list, the list is still converted to a checklist the next time I start up Evernote. It appears that Evernote is trying very hard to convert every instance of a check box to a checklist with its specific behavior (strikethrough when checked). This is very limiting. There are many cases where a checkbox does not imply done. It might identify the presence or absence of a feature.
  9. On your recommendation, I just downloaded I find that it works in one case out of 6 I tested, so I wouldn't say "mostly fixed." Entering straight text and hitting enter or automatically wrapping: Works (and probably has for a long time) Entering bullet list: Fails Entering numbered list: Fails Entering todo list: Fails Entering a new table row (with 'Tab'): Fails Adding a horizontal rule: Fails Are there any input modes I missed?
  10. OK, I clearly missed that. I was looking for an option that mentioned 'tray'. I had disabled sync in background as I was trying to reduce the number of instances in which Evernote would freeze for 15-20 seconds while I was trying to type, presumably performing some sort of synchronization. Apparently that is not the sort of background syncing this option controls. I have disabled automatic sync and enabled sync on close. Is there anything else that would help with app responsiveness?
  11. Is there more than one way? I use the 'x' in the upper right corner. If I minimize instead of closing (the '_' two to the left of the 'x'), then the big status bar remains. [I guess using alt-F4 might be considered another way to close the window, but it has exactly the same effect.]
  12. Since "recently" (At least, and still true in, closing the main EN window on my Win7 system causes the tray icon (EvernoteTray.exe, I presume) to disappear. I have not discovered an option controlling this behavior. I am running the same version on Win10 and do not see this behavior there. Needless to say, there are times when it is convenient to close EN and have the big status bar disappear while keeping the tray icon to quickly restore the app.
  13. I have been told here that this bug is fixed, but I find that it is not fixed in Hitting enter on the last line of a scrolling note causes the cursor to disappear offscreen. Only after I type another character does the window scroll. This may be true only when entering a list of checkboxes.
  14. I see the same thing except it does not go away by switching to another note and returning.
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