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  1. No in-fighting please. We need to present a unified front to Evernote. Also, repetition is good. Repetition keeps the issue front-and-center. At some point they'll get tired of all the support tickets asking for this and will just implement it. Speaking of which, if you're reading this and have not submitted a support ticket requesting this feature, please do so. Thanks!
  2. Here's the reply from Evernote Support: ... Seriously? That's the solution? Delete images, smallest first, until it randomly picks the right one? No thanks.
  3. Hi there - Are you still experiencing this issue? This shouldn't be happening. If so, please open up a support ticket via https://evernote.com/contact/support/ and let me know the number. I'm happy to escalate this issue to our technical support team. Thank you! support ticket #1115049 Note that I also tried this in the new Evernote Web beta, but it uses the same thumbnail images. Of course, I'd much rather be able to select my own thumbnails, as would the hundreds of other customers who have posted in this thread.
  4. Has anyone else noticed in the last few days that the automatic thumbnail algorithm has become even worse? The last 5 recipes I've clipped have chosen the weirdest thumbnails -- the tiny portrait of the blogger in her signature, a google plus share icon, a single star gif from a 4-star rating, a little document icon that doesn't even appear on the page, etc. In all of these cases there were big, beautiful juicy photos of the food in the clipping that were ignored by the algorithm. C'mon Evernote, if you had the best possible image selection algorithm, maybe we could let this slide, but thi
  5. Thanks, Jackolicious, for replying to this thread. Glad to know it's on the radar. I hope nobody is truly belittling the work necessary here, although I personally think the feature is important enough to justify the effort. As a software engineer working on a large-scale production environment, I understand the complexities involved. I'd like to think that this is primarily a user interface issue (since the thumbnail selection is already stored in the DB), and only the method of choosing (and changing) that thumbnail is what's being asked for. Nevertheless, I appreciate the work you guys do.
  6. Well, I guess I misunderstood this then.. I didn't realize my words would be picked apart and analyzed, frankly. I was using a pretty common shorthand, "tell", a verb used often to convey that a conversation took place. Forgive me, please, for using a slightly less-than-perfect word.
  7. Yes, so let us all curl up in a ball and keep our requests to ourselves, because not standing up and asking for things is how you get what you want in life. If Evernote is like every other software company in the world, then they have a list of feature requests, and the order that those requests get completed is directly correlated to how "vocal" the community is in asking for them. Evernote is not in business to do whatever the hell it wants, it's in business to make money by providing software that people want to use. People want thumbnail selection, and every voice that adds itself to this
  8. While this is, of course, true, it would be unwise for any software company to ignore [by which I mean set a request very low on the priority list] a vocal community of users. While there may be technological roadblocks to this feature that we are unaware of, a note from a Dev telling us this, and assuring us that they are working to meet our requests would go a long ways towards satisfying us. For example (and this is not vindictive, just a statement of fact), I currently tell my foodie friends not to use Evernote to digitize their cookbook collections, because I did so and it bothers me ever
  9. I, also, would like to have the ability to choose the thumbnail for each note. The current algorithm is awesome in 95% of cases, and works great as a default, but my OCD (and apparently the same is true of dozens of other posters above, not to mention the hundreds (thousands?) who are bothered by this but don't post) gnaws at me when the algorithm sometimes chooses the wrong thumbnail. I'd even be fine with this "override thumbnail" feature being exclusive to the desktop version(s) of Evernote, instead of the web one. Just add SOME way to change it. Please! Thank you.
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