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  1. As best as I can determine, the reason Note ++ works is it includes a CR and LF at the end of a paragraph, while the other programs just uses a CR and CR.
  2. OK. Word files with formatted paragraphs, i.e. a style is applied to the graphs, can be pasted in Evernote and spacing between graphs are preserved. Carriage returns are preserved in Notepad ++ and text copied from Chrome browser. Carriage returns stripped from KeyNote NF and NotePad Tabs. It seems, as you suggested, to be an application thing. --John
  3. stop stripping out the carriage returns when text is pasted into Evernote
  4. I'm not having the problem any more with v. running windows 10 64-bit
  5. Actually, the problem has gone away on my machine (desktop PC with windows 10) and scrollbars are there with the latest version of EN.
  6. Yes, it is happening with all notes. Ctrl-space doesn't affect scrollbar problem.
  7. Scroll bar is invisible but when I click where the scrollbar is supposed to be, the items in the view window move. Also, when I drag the cursor in the area, the items scroll. I can also click and hold where the buttons at the top and bottom of the scroll bar is supposed to be and scrolling will take place. So essentially, the scrolling works -- alkthough not too smoothly -- there's just no scroll bar and buttons showing.
  8. The scroll bar on the view pane has disappeared in Windows 10 desktop version. See attached window capture. --John
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