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  1. Ok so I'm not really a forum person - but this seemed the best thing to do. I very recently updated the Evernote client not realizing what I was getting myself into. I read through this thread and I am happy I'm not alone and hopefully one more voice will indicate that there are problems in the UI which need to be addressed. First response was sort of panic as EVERYTHING seemed to have changed. I couldn't find the New Note button. I couldn't find my notes. Panic panic . . . I figured out how to make a new note and calmed down a bit. I figure I'll learn the new layout and be okay. I also noticed quickly that the shared notebooks no longer show icons quickly telling me what they are. I did figure out where it shows me if a notebook is shared, but it's a little annoying not to see it quickly. I can live without it, even though I don't like it that way. I also had a big problem with date being hidden in the "i" info box. That box is also far too big. I did finally stumble upon finding the date more conveniently by clicking on the blank space where I expected tags to be. So I'm calm and okay with it although I don't like the date disappearing behind the formatting buttons. I needed to look at my usage for the month because some months I will take it up to the 1GB, some months I buy another GB, and sometimes I don't use much of the space at all. In the old layout there was a nice little graphic that I could keep a rough watch on as I use the client. Then if I wanted specifics I would just click it and there was all the info I need. Hiding this option in the Tools menu takes away the convenience and transparency of the graphic, and adds a click to the flow. I don't like how the title is displayed. It doesn't feel like a title. It does look slicker but it is obscure. So far this new one seems to add clicks for things. More clicks is generally a bad thing. I'm going to stick with it for a little bit, but if too much more gets in my way, I'm going to be downloading the older version and going back to it until things get figured out. I love Evernote and I hope that this UI will be improved upon to have a faster flow rather than the reverse which seems to be the case so far. The 4 UI was so much more compact so I could see everything at a glance. I like to see EVERYTHING at once and I don't like clicking to find data like my usage, or small note info. So far I'm not seeing any really positive things to the newest version. Looking forward to things being better.
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