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  1. Much web content (e.g. articles) has tags/labels. Why doesn't Evernote use these as suggested tags when clipping? Would be EASY to implement.
  2. So happy to have found and reverted to v Have never been so disappointed with the new version of any software as to revert back to an older one. Ever. http://www.filehippo.com/download_evernote/15615/
  3. Even the GA version of v5 is slow and with a new UI apparently designed by committee. One of the worst major upgrades I've seen by any software vendor...and I'm a software industry analyst. No shame in rolling it back (if anyone at the mothership is listening).
  4. Just dreadful! Designed by committee. Give us our old *useable* interface back! Can't even list all the new clumsy "features."
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