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  1. 'Document' (presumably the one to use for Moleskine notebooks) frame size does not fit Moleskine notebooks like it used to. Have I wasted my money buying Moleskine notebooks? Please, someone from EVERNOTE come back to me. I'm about to ask for a refund of my Premium subscription.
  2. How do we bring this to the attention of Evernote? No doubt they are aware, but the more of us that bug them about it the greater the likelihood they'll do something about it. Bloody useless as it is. I want my Premium subscription back! Like others, I feel ripped-off having spent good money on Moleskine notebooks when there is not apparent advantage.
  3. Looking for confirmation that it's not just me! I used to use the Evernote/Moleskine app for my handwritten notes. I stopped for a while, but now have reason to go back to it. In the interim I changed to IOS7. I'm certain that before the document camera frame (with the greyed out area) fit the Moleskine page size perfectly; now it doesn't. Has IOS7 changed to a generic page camera, for any document? In which case what is the benefit of the exorbitant cost of buying the specific Moleskine notebooks? On my Evernote camera I have 3 options: 'POST-IT NOTE'; 'PHOTO'; "DOCUMENT'. I can move from one to the other without a problem. Which is the one for Moleskine? The 'POST-IT NOTE' frame fits the Post-It notes just fine. Is the Evernote/Moleskine collaboration now defunct? I am a Premium user; where can we get advice? Smacks of a rip-off! than you for any thoughts/suggestions on this.
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