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  1. I started a topic on Windows Version of Evernote over a year ago regarding the non-option to use dark backgrounds. I now have a work issued Mac and I was dismayed that the UI colors are even worse in Mac (Mavericks). Based on feedback I read in other thread (with 7 pages), it doesn't appear Evernote is interested in listening to user feedback. I think everyone who has difficulty using Evernote at end of the day when our eyes are fatigued will need to look for a new product.
  2. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/44230-how-to-change-default-background-color-on-evernote-5/
  3. Any update on this issue? Working with Evernote at night is causing me sleeping problems due to the brightness of the background. There is a good reason why E-reader apps come with friendly contrast for reading purposes.
  4. Not sure what you implying, but use case for Google searching has nothing to do with how Evernote is used. Plus, you can change your default background in a browser if you wish.
  5. I recently upgraded to Evernote 5 (on Windows 7 Pro) and couldn't find way to change the default background color. This feature existed in previous versions of Evernote. Black on white is not an ideal color scheme for folks working late at night. There are many methods to turn down the brightness or color via monitor or video drivers, but this should be user selectable. If there is a workaround available, please share this information. The issue of black on white is also on the web client, which I could not use due to this issue as well.
  6. I just got off support chat and was told there is now no way to use non-white background. This is the same issue I've been having with recent Microsoft products and am absolutely furious over. I have switched my mail client back to Thunderbird. I can't believe there is no way to change background from white to grey... Please forward this requirement to feature control teams.
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