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  1. I am on the verge of creating a task sheet note for students that will have them use the "Insert Time" function that exists on Evernote Desktop versions. A thought caused me to stop and post this question. Is there a way I can look into the note to see whether the time stamp is actually from the menu command or whether it was done manually. I want an actual time that the student started and stopped the activity/task. My fear is that they can just manually type in the time thereby falsifying their actual start and completion times. Is there a way I can look into the structure/command-line/skeleton, whatever, of the note to see if they used the 'Insert Time" function or typed it themselves? Thanks
  2. Please inform me if there is or there is not a word count in the iOS version of Evernote. I am AWARE that there is on the MAC version but I am currently using my iPad and iPhone and need to see a word count if possible. Let me know if it exists. Using ios 6.12 for iPad and iOS 7 on iPhone. Thanks
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