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  1. Yep, I get the same. Crashing every time I quit. It's so crazy, I saw the update available in the mac app store and almost didn't download it because every time I download a new update there's something wrong. Lo and behold, this time was no exception. Should've listened to my intuition. QA is non-existent at Evernote it seems. How every developer there hasn't been fired long ago is beyond me. Every single new update brings a ton of problems. Consistently. Does the CEO even use the product?? Is he holding people to account? Product managers, etc? It's truly astonishing. I think it might be time to cancel my sub once and for all. New Apple notes app on High Sierra looking really nice. Tables, pinned notes, and you know it will work flawlessly. And it's free. Evernote, you used to be so good but it's been at least 3 years now. What a fall from grace.
  2. Just adding my voice to the frustrated masses of people here doing likewise. I don't know what has happened at Evernote HQ but the company has really lost its way. Premium member for 4 years but about to say f**k it and move everything to one of your competitors. Endless crashes, App store login request pop-ups, blank ios notes (that are fine on mac and the note is there in ios because it shows up in the preview but when you click into the note itself... blank), awful awful awful UI/UX (seriously, fire your entire graphic design team immediately and start from scratch). Endless frustration. Don't get me started on the 8.0 redesign. Whoever signed off on that is a complete moron. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it's true. Awful use of space, icon positioning, the entire UI is just atrocious. Just objectively bad design choices and lack of attention to detail. Ultimately it's the CEO who is signing off on this stuff so they should get the blame but I've no doubt there's some lower level managers and engineers who are clueless too. It's astonishing to say, but both the ios and mac apps from 4 years ago were superior in every way. Here's a tip for the current management: every new product idea you have plans for? Scrap it. At least shelve it indefinitely. Every single one. You need to get back to basics. Your flagship product, a simple note taking app, is a shambles. You're lucky you have a product where moving to another platform is such a pain in the ass to do because I guarantee you a lot more people would jump ship if it were easier to do so.
  3. Hmmm... I appreciate the help but I'm not sure I explained my dilemma well enough. I understand how to format but what I'm looking for is a way to permanently turn off formatting as a "switch" as you put it. The problem is that if I am jumping my cursor around in a bunch of already typed text, some of which is normal, some bolded, some underlined, some italicised, etc - any text I insert will "switch" according to where the cursor was placed. I want to be able to switch all formattng off and have it remain off no matter what I do, until I turn it back on again. So for example if there was a bolded word in a sentence, like this, I want to be able to literally click my cursor between the h and the i in the word "this" and type anything and for it to not automatically "switch" on to be bolded. So for example thabcdefgis. Bad example I know, but you see what I mean. At the minute it will default to thabcdefgis. Lol, kinda hard to explain. Basically, I want a permanent "off switch" that stays off no matter what. Is this possible to do?
  4. Hi, Is it possible to disable automatic formatting in a note? What I mean is, say I have some bolded text and regular text and some underlined text in a note. Some words and sentences bolded or underlined, some not. All throughout my note. If I want to make edits to the text and click my cursor into it, the new text I type will be normal or bolded (or both) depending on the preceding words formatting. eg. This sentence is bolded. If I click my cursor right after the period and then press enter (so as to move to a new line), any text I type will continue to be bolded. eg. This sentence is bolded. Now this one also is. Is it possible to stop this behaviour, ie. no matter where I jump in and out with my cursor it will always type in regular text. I want to make it so that special formatting suck as bolding, underling, italics, etc can be disabled at all times (unless I press CMD-B for example to begin typing in bold text). Does that make sense? Hard to explain but hopefully somebody understands what I mean and can help me out! Thanks
  5. +1 to this request. Switching back and forth between notes is annoying when the note begins from the top. Remembering the point in the note you last accessed would be fantastic. Finding the exact point I was at in any note, especially large ones with a lot of text can be difficult to do when the note begins right back at the top of the page.
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