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  1. dear evernote team! i really love evernote- it made things really easy for me. but i have to say i am totally unsatisfied with the new version for windows. 1. very confusing design. since i am a designer myself knowing about the trends of clean and uncluttered graphics i understand why you went for this, but it simply is kind of hard to use because it is hard to focus without propper graphic-frames holding topics together or without the use of some colors to group objects or topics within the ui. for me the new ui is a greyish, pale thing without enough contrast to make your way through having all the buttons and topics flying around only held together and grouped with grey hairlines and super-subtle changes of the greyish shading-intensity. i love the aesthetics of the new ios7, and i know that you followed the trends- but the ui of evernote 5 for windows simply slowed down my working speed quite a lot- and that is the point where i don't care about stylish, thin, minimalistic design any more. my suggestion is, keep the minimalistic design- this is what people like these days but please drop in some fresh colors at least to make it easier to focus and work with this tool! 2. i am using evernote for business purpose- therefore i share notebooks. since there is no specific color for the shared notebooks any more it is very difficult and time-consuming to check on which books are already shared-ones and which not. please reinvent a clear marking (graphic or color) for shared notebooks and non-shared notebooks on the left side in list view 3. i work with MANY different books, having very similar note-topics at he same time and using quite similar headlines within compeltely different project-books. so it is competely unnecessary for me having all the "suggested relevant notes" displayed directly below the actual note itself. i dont want to see those suggestions because in 99% they are completely useless for me. please add a function to turn those off. for example i safe phoneprotocolls within every project book, so i don't want to see other phoneprotocolls of other project-books being displayed as relevant notes, just because of the title, this is only messing up my focus on the actual note itself having all those useless sugestions and information displayed. (In the case i simply didn't get it how to turn it off and it already works please let me know how to do it) I do hope that the next verion will be as great to use as the previous ones again! Thank you! Chris
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