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  1. Please create the ability to batch notes and move them into a notebook while using an iPad or iPhone. Similarly, create the ability to merge notes on this platform. If these were created, I would be able to travel with just an iPad Pro and no computer.
  2. With the latest update, I am no longer able to create a global shortcut (I used CMD o) to open note in a new window. Also the shortcut cmd+L used to bring you to the note title and highlight the current title, so you could just start typing. Now it brings you to the end of the current title, so you still end up using the mouse to highlight. Lastly, when I move one note to a new notebook, the next note inline needs to be clicked on before I can start using shortcut keys (this didn't need to happen in the last version). In general, I am very frustrated by this new version and wish I still had the last version of evernote.
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