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  1. All I meant by "in case anyone finds this" is if anyone that had a similar problem came across my post and in doing so that it might assist them in resolvong a similar problem. This was my first posting and I've no idea how many or who reads this. I don't follow why that would be something you would want to comment on. You've been most helpful and I've been most grateful for that help. I merely intended to repay that help "in case anyone finds this", by posting how I had resolved the issue (so far at least, meaning I hope it stays resolved) My apologies if my comment meant anything else to you other than its actual intention, as stated above. Many thx
  2. Just thought I'd update this incase anyone finds this: Having uninstalled Evernote via Windows> control panel> uninstall I noticed there was still an Evernote Folder in; username>local>Evernote. I copiy/pasted this to Desktop and then deleted it from the directory. I then re-booted pc and then did a new install of Evernote. It's working having given it the necessary time to Sych, I have the NB's I created but not including one created but not Syched prior to the "not responding" at which time I couldn't Synch. (I may try to "drop" this into the Evernote Folder from that which I copied to Desktop prior to deleting it, as I presume there is a copy of it) No mind, at least it's not "not responding". I'm not an expert with this and the above is by no means a recommendation as a solution, but other than the kind help from gazumped and without any response to the ticket I raised with Evernote Support, I thought it worth a try. Hope this may be of some use. Again my thx to gazumped. king regards
  3. Yes I've searched. However, I'd prefer not to install and run further programs (Revo) I know lttle about in order to solve a problem with another software (Evernote) that's not working. It can often cause even more problems imo. Thank you for at least taking the time to help. Having still had no reply to the ticket I raised on this to Evernote I have little option than to try to copy out everything I've been working on from the Web based access to Evernote and seek a better alternative. I was thinking to upgrade to Premium, but see no reason why that should work if Evernote doesn't work as is. Again my thx for your time and efforts gazumped.
  4. Sync everything and exit Evernote completely* Backup your database* Revo Uninstall Restart Reinstall Sign in and wait for Evernote to repopulate your database (might take a while) Try again..Many thanks for the quick reply. I have done all of 1 to 7 on your list other than 1. I couldn't Synch prior to exiting because the "Not Responding" doesn't allow me to click on anything within Evernote. 3. Revo ? is this an uninstall software ? I don't have it so uninstalled Evernote via Windows>Contral Panal> Uninstall. In spite of the above, which I have tried 3 times now, I have the same issue. When I open Evernote via the desktop icon it starts up and immediately goes to "Not Responding". I can only close down Evernote via Task Manager. I'm most grateful for your help. Is there anything else to try in order to get Evernote to work ? Is it an issue you have come across before ? Again my thx for your help.
  5. Hoping to get some help. I'm new to Evernote and using it for about 3 weeks without issues. Then when opening (double clicking on icon) Evernote opens up but goes immediately to "Not Responding". I've waited for as long as seems practical, but without it responding, I've had no option but to exit Evernote via Task Manager. I'm obviously unable to access anything within Evernote now (NoteBooks and or an error Log etc) I've un-installed and then re-installed Evernote. The new install gave me a later version However I have the exact same problem. On opening Evernote it goes straight to "Not Responding" and I can only close it via "Task Manager". Using Win 7. I've raised a ticket but have so far (nearly a week) had no reply other than an inital acknowledgment of my ticket being raised. Would appreciate any assistance. As things stand Evernote is unusable to me. Hope this is the right place to post this. Many thx
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