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  1. Hi I've given up on Evernote after years of bad experience. For years my notes often do not save or sync correctly. The most basic functionality does not worth. I have been too busy to cancel the subscription until now, but have i've had enough. Does anyone know how i can extract my exiting notes in one go and good format / alternative app to put them in. If there isn't an easy option its time for me to move on anyway and would be good to just archive whats there. Thanks
  2. Many thanks for tip. Unfortunately i have quite a few notes i need which are structured across quite a few note books - i don't want to have to move them to one note book. Although how do you set up just one notebook for off line sync (Really surprising if you can do one notebook they don't let you do the other!)
  3. Agreed. The problem though is i need selective sync. Many of the notes I need when i don't have internet access (i'm a hospital doctor working in a hospital with lots of wifi black spots!). I need to be able to choose which I have off line and which I don't (as i can with dropbox for example.)
  4. No! The problem is I do not have selective sync on my iPhone (and apparently little hope of it being available soon). I will have to stop using ever note as I'm running out of space on my phone (I have a lot of notes with voice recording etc)!
  5. Thanks for letting mw know - thats very disappointing to know. I'll have to plan to leave evernote - does anyone know how hard it is to save your files in another format before stopping your membership?
  6. This look like an old topic but does anyone know if selective sync will be introduced soon? I've been using Evernote now for 4 years - primarily online and on my iPhone. I'm running lout of storage calacity on my phone so will frustratingly have to cancel my Evernote subscription soon if they don't do it soon! talking of which can anyone give any advice on how to bulk save all my ever notes locally into a generic format so I don't need ever note to view them. Many thanks! Ed
  7. It doesnt sound like anything is being done with this. But can I add my voice to the request to sort out the currently unusable audio. Pleasse please please!
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