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  1. I'm updated now, and there's a check for updates showing now. All set.
  2. Wasn't there to the best of my recollection, hence my original question. I think I got the 5.1 from the app store. Possible I missed it, but I was specifically looking for it. Evernote (the app) told me to go to the web to get a new version (when I ventured into some area low on the left side bar). It didn't suggest to check for updates via a menu option. I nuked the evernote.app directory and initiated a new install. Evernote installer said something about finding an old app store version and needing to copy all my notes over. it's mid-copy right now. Looks like I'll be back up as soon as this copy finishes, incredibly slow copy though.
  3. Does Evernote not provide an "update" within the app? Seems like I had to go to the website and grab the latest version in order to upgrade versions. I did so. I'm on 5.1 and I grabbed the latest DMG which looks to contain 5.3. When I tried to move it into Apps (to upgrade) I got the following error without any info as to which files need to be unlocked: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s169/sh/f0b05a5a-00db-4290-827d-859de5579ae2/08fd95447263ab94c29cc2fe5217a1a6 Thanks for the help, just trying to get Evernote updated. Dan
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