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  1. This is what I see currently (before and after going through the 2fa setup process): https://www.dropbox.com/s/vlvlsg4n5uicn44/Screen%20Shot%202013-10-09%20at%2011.33.42%20AM.png
  2. I'm a free user and was interested in setting up 2-factor auth for my evernote account. I went to my account settings on the website and saw the 'Two-step Verification' section with an enable button next to it (pic attached) I clicked on 'enable' and followed all the steps (email verification, sms verification, hand-writing backup codes, setting up google authenticator) Once I got all the way through the process it says it was successful, but 2fa was not set up on my account. That's when I noticed the little marketing box near the bottom with a call to action 'go premium' that said 'get a p
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