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  1. When I switched to a Mac over a year ago, I was looking forward to see how Evernote would be even smoother than it was on my PC. Boy, was I disappointed. Evernote is frustrating to use now...even considering leaving it. I don't understand...wasn't Evernote originally built for a Mac platform? Maybe I'm wrong about that. Not sure.
  2. DTLow...thanks for responding. I finally did figure that out but my question remains why it is such an awkward task. As I said in my original post, in the PC version it's quick, simple, and intuitive.
  3. I thought that once I switched from a PC to a Mac I would love Evernote even more! But, it's the opposite, I'm frustrated! What happen to convenience? Like HLRatan asks...why can't I drag a notebook into an existing stack in the sidebar? AND why can't I create a new notebook in a stack by right clicking on the stack? I used to be able to do both of these simple tasks on my PC!! What gives Evernote??
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