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  1. Just a little reminder, Evernote is now working on a unified editor across all 5 platforms, instead of maintaining them separately, meaning that if other platforms have dark mode, Windows will have it too (very likely). I totally understand the frustration and disappointment of Evernote not being improved much over the past few years. I did move away to competitor product, until I see Evernote releasing the Behind The Scene videos. The intention of these videos is clear, Evernote is trying to improve the product, but it takes time, and during this period, old versions will have the least
  2. Evernote Team, please count me in. I have signed up in the Beta Program page and I promise I will give you guys good and useful feedback. And thanks for letting us know what is happening under the curtain and where we are heading to.
  3. Glad that after unifying the editor, they are now planning on unifying the view options. They are progressing fast! For the first time over the past few years I can feel the energy of Evernote team again
  4. True that they didn't promise anything. However by unifying the editor into one single code base, they will free up more resources and be able to fine tune the editor according to user feedback. Before the editor was unified, when they needed to do a simple modification to the editor, the communication between 5 development teams and product managers must be exhausting, and keeping the user experience consistent across all 5 platforms was almost a impossible engineering goal (and why we have this thread here). At least now Evernote team is doing the first step right, so let's hope for th
  5. Anybody knows how to sign up (if any) for the "new" beta program? For people who are okay to take the risk and delighted to feedback. I am in beta program of iOS, Windows and Web, but seems there is another channel (maybe nightly build?) of beta out there
  6. @Ian Small, thanks for being transparent to us (and being so sincere too). This is the first time in the past few years that I have a feeling that Evernote is moving to the right direction. Over the years I have made a few request here, and saw many other users' requests. Most of them are about styling glitches, web clipper issue, inconsistent UI across platforms. And most of the time we get minor patches and bug fixes here and there. But we all know it is not how it should be done. We all know that the note format and the editor have to be rebuilt from the ground up, so that
  7. That means 2 things to me: Dark Mode is coming to Windows platform with this unified editor across platforms. Finally the check box won't extend the line height with no reason!!! Brilliant move Evernote, keep it up and let us know what you are working on.
  8. It's been a while since my last reply, and seems there is an answer to the Windows dark mode here: Evernote is building an unified editor for all 5 platforms, instead of maintaining them separately, meaning that if other platforms have dark mode, Windows will have it too. And the font and styling of the new editor is also simplified, so even it was not mentioned in the video, it is very likely it will have dark mode built-in. P.S.: Glad to see EN being more open to users and let us know what is going on with their development. People are willing to wait, just let us know that
  9. Yes that's what I have said we would only have Dark Mode "only if it cost Evernote nothing". That means this issue will never get the resource needed, and we will never get Dark Mode for Windows version. What I don't feel good here is that the reply is not honest about the current situation. If they are not going to give us Dark Mode, just say it. Don't mislead people with UWP/Win32 sh*t.
  10. Not sure if this is a official reply from Evernote (because @dconnet is shown as staff) but I hope this is not. This reply is misleading and irresponsible from a company that have so many paid subscribers. I am a software developer so I understand what that UWP argument means. But what this reply implied was that Evernote would give us dark mode, only if it cost them nothing (as low cost as just adding a new parameter to the current editor API). Evernote is telling us that we don't have the dark mode because MS doesn't want to implement it. No, that's wrong. Evernote doesn't give us the
  11. It is funny that we have been requesting Dark Mode in this thread for 5 to 6 years, and they finally made it, and they closed the thread. Leaving us Windows users to start a new thread for the same request. Do we have to wait for another 5 years or what?
  12. It is June now and there is still no fix for this.
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