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  1. I am also seeing this. Version 5.5, Mac OS X 10.9.2, Retina Macbook Pro, only when my external monitor is plugged in. It's getting pretty irritating having to disconnect the display to clip the correct space.
  2. Jackolicious, Yes, the resize to width of the window is helping put at the moment, I usually open the note I'm working with in a new window and make that window quite narrow. But I would much prefer the ability to set that size without opening a new window. On iOs I feel they should display initially as 100% screen width, if screen width is less than 1000px, and then a tap would open the image up at 100% size. If on an iPad I would expect the image to display at 100%, not upsize it to screen width.
  3. + 1 for this feature request! This would make my work flow so much better if i could use this resizing/thumbnailing feature. I usually end up with a lot of notes that start out as typed text but then after the event i'm preparing for I add documents snapped with my iPhone, so for me i don't mind if it is the ability to grab and resize the preview (retaining the actual image size) or a preference for setting a user defined thumbnail size (or 2!) and then by right clicking (or long tap on a mobile device) i could choose to display images as thumbnails. Thanks
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