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  1. When I click on a note link, the note I was originally on disappears from my history. If I want to get back to it, I can't simply press the back arrow, but have to find it again via search. Does this happen to other people? version Cheers, David
  2. Its worth also pointing out that the manual workaround required at present... ie. select and copy the text, create the new note manually, paste the text as the new note title, copy the new note link, go back to the existing note, select the text again, paste the note link as hyperlink ... is all the more annoyingly slow at present because evernote needs to synchronise with the web server every single time, presumably because note links have become web-based. cheers, david
  3. Bug report was submitted, and recently got a reply suggesting I investigate via the forums! Haven't experienced this again, thankfully.
  4. + another 1 I agree that this would be an excellent feature - I too came across this by searching to see if it had already been requested. I'm just getting into putting links all over the place in my notes and this would be a real time saver. And I definitely think the best implementation would be one in which the new note was automatically linked to the text that had been selected, and titled by default with that text. David
  5. Thanks both for your responses. Fortunately I didn't lose much on this occasion, but I've saved your suggestions Gazumped in case of a more serious disappearance. I'll submit a bug report when I get a chance. Cheers, David
  6. I frequently use evernote to clip quotations from book sections I find available online, or from PDF files that can't be copy and pasted, using the Clip Screenshot function to copy a portion of text to the clipboard as a jpeg, then paste that into a note. Yesterday I tried to cut and paste part of a note filled with such images into another note, in order to neaten things up. For some reason, all but the first 2 images turned into little file icons. I couldn't find any way of getting the images back. I pasted it all back into the original note and the icons disappeared too. I seem to have lost my work. Is this a known issue? I can't seem to replicate the problem now, and I see that there is an existing discussion in the forum about the danger of inadvertently moving images within a note, with that leading to a similar result, file icons instead of pictures. Fiddling around that does indeed seem to happen sometimes, not every time. I'm running 5.6.4..4632 Now I'm nervous. I've accumulated quite a number of reading notes in this way. Are they are risk of becoming unusable? Is there a known way of recovering images that are lost by accidentally moving them within a note? This seems like a serious bug. Cheers, David
  7. I would also really like to see this feature added. I do most of my work in either evernote or scrivener. In scrivener, when you return to a note, the cursor remains in the last place you had it. In evernote, it doesn't. Scrolling through long notes to find where you were is extremely tedious, and the way I work simply means that opening notes in separate windows doesn't really do the job... Please make this an option! David
  8. Dear all, Just a comment on what I assume is a bug. Before updating to evernote 5, whenever I used to add a tag to a note, the whole note would jump back to the top. Now, when I add a tag, the visible text in the note jumps back to the top, while the scroll-bar on the right remains at its place. Moving it slightly brings the text back to where it was before. Less annoying than previously, but still annoying... Surely it would be best for adding a tag to have no effect on which part of the note is visible on screen? Best wishes, David
  9. Hi all, Until just a minute ago, when I updated to evernote 5 for Windows, I was happily using Shift + F1 as a shortcut to bring up the list of notebooks and type straight into the search box, allowing me to change notebook without mouse clicks. Now the shortcut seems to have vanished. Is there an alternative shortcut for the same function in the new version? I don't see it in shortcuts listed on evernote's help page. Cheers, David
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