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  1. Don, so my work will migrate back from 5.0.2 to 4.6.7? From my experience, yes. I obviously made sure I had a backup of the database folder before uninstalling v5 and installing v4, but apart from that I didn't have to do anything special. v4 found my old data (which was not deleted when I uninstalled v5) without a glitch. I have been thinking about the UI thing. Perhaps it is only people like me who use multiple notebooks and nested notebooks who have a problem with the new UI? If you have a single notebook then perhaps it is less of an issue. And from comments I have read some people love the gaunt new interface. Someone posted that a marketing video for v5 said it makes your content "pop". Maybe the designers assume we all have multi-colored notes and I can see that in that case, a stark background would make the notes come to the fore. But almost all my notes are text only, so in v5 there was less visual difference between my notes and the UI furniture because it is all black and white. Simple colored borders round stuff might solve it. On the plus side, I think the UI of the Android app continues to be superb on the Note2 ! Sorry if the above is rambling a bit. Sleep needed
  2. Very disappointed with the new interface. I could glance at the previous version and immediately know what was where on the screen. The new UI is a mess of black and white lines on a white background. My point is there is no subtlety or class to this interface. It is stark and does not help the user find different bits of functionality. I have uninstalled 5.0.2 and installed the previous version, I have also disabled the check for updates. I am a Premium Member.
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