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  1. Oh, sorry. My source is scanned magazine pages, collated in Preview, then exported to Evernote. If there's a better thread or I need to start a new one, please advise. Closest I could find in searching the forum.
  2. Just tried this, and had a jumbled result. 4 pages, scanned and arranged in proper order in Preview, but using the arrow icon to send to Evernote, the four came out of order. Disappointingly long time to save some paper from my life… p.s. I could reorder in Evernote w/cut and paste, but…
  3. Along these lines, I think it'd be most useful to be able to paste a visual Evernote note, and even faster, a screenshot into Asana, or Trello, a close competitor. I'm trying both prior to starting a project with my overseas VA, and it appears neither app will allow this. Yes, I can attach a file, but that means making a file first. I love Evernote for being able to screenshot and make a note on the fly. Is there any team working app that allows this collaboration with screenshots?
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