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  1. http://www.evernote.com/l/AUkiRelJBk5NCoyTwQFzWwR2eotUCEhuVtI/ Hello, I would very much appreciate being able to clip Full Pages like OneNote. Ryan PS New Thumbnail View is amazing.
  2. thumbnail view: {comment} amazed that finally an option and glad to see i can zoom out (makes owning 40" 4k monitor worth every penny) {idea} a checkable option to load all thumbnails in background
  3. solved this by deleting data file. as for deleting shortcut, tried that but for some reason took almost 5 seconds to delete one shortcut. Good idea tho about AHK, didn't think and could have been solution. Ryan
  4. I accidentally added all my notes called clipboard image to the saved shortcut list on left panel.... how do i delete all of them without going one by one? Thank you! Ryan
  5. would be nice to be able to paste images from clipboard into work chat, as well as/and/or showing images as thumbnails. thank you, ryan
  6. similar to how most pdf viewers allow to zoom in and out of thumb nails (make bigger or smaller) ie link thanks http://www.evernote.com/l/AUngeOqLyNFJRLq9h0AnLRNXVCHa9xAm2bg/
  7. i got it to work by uninstalling and reinstalling evernote... only issue is that menu text doesn't show up, but besides that works fine. thx
  8. should the add in work or is it being worked on? just tried enabling it, but doesn't seem to want to stay on. thx
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