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  1. I know that the web clipper doesn't find the information! I meant find and then clip the information. I want students to create a notebook. Each "note" in the notebook would be a research question. I would like them to find the information from websites and put that information into each note that the information pertains to. For example. The name of the notebook would by: Cyberbullying 1 "Note" ---What is the definition of cyberbullying? 2nd "Note"--What are the dangers of cyberbullying? 3rd "Note"--What are some interesting facts about cyberbullying" When they find information about the definition--it goes on the first "note". Danger information would go on the 2nd "note", etc. When I've tried both the web clipper or clearly to capture information from the web---neither one will allow me to save the information from the web into the correct "note".
  2. I think it would be easier just to have each student start a new notebook, and instruct them to to create 3 notes in their notebook. (I teach 7th grade, they could certainly do that). I do have another question. I was going to have each note be a research question. Then have the students use the web clipper extension to find information pertinent to that question and place it in that note. Again, I was not successful with that. We are using Firefox and the add on for Evernote. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi Megan- Would each student then be able to write in their own notebook? Would they have to make a copy first (like a google doc)? Or would they be good to go!
  4. I am a teacher with a premium subscription. I would like to share a notebook with my students, but I don't want them to collaborate on the notebook. I want them to use it as a template and add their own notes. How do I share the notebook without having them all work together on it?
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