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  1. I have the same issue. The "attachment updated" is not very useful kind of notification and perhaps there could be an option to disable it. My concern is setting Evernote notifications to None may disable Evernote reminders and other useful notifications.
  2. And add keyboard shortcuts for my 4 selected colours (red, green, blue and black), please.
  3. Re-posting from other forum and absolutely agree with this: "I am a very big Evernote fan using this application in my business environment. Here I especially make use of the feature of taking hand written notes with my iPad and my Apple Pencil. By doing so I'm constantly facing one issue:When finishing 1 hand written page there's no easy way to add a second page in order to keep a natural note flow. Instead, the page needs to be saved and then the cursor needs to be put after the note before another hand written page can be inserted manually. This process hurts to be honest." OneNote and other apps do the canvas expansion/page addition much better. Please don't let me go I am a long-term Evernote fan, user and Premium customer.
  4. Being able to extend the canvas for drawing and handwriting would be extremely helpful... and would make me stop thinking about OneNote.
  5. Regardless if using a stylus or Apple Pencil, it would be extremely useful to be able to extend the drawing area in all directions (left, right, up down) and create more space for drawing. It is too small today and I can't fit everything I need into a single screen sized drawing.
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