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  1. If you are on a Mac, your Dropbox folder and your Evernote notes are both indexed and easily searchable, though I prefer the HoudahSpot front end for Spotlight. Another alternative is DevonThink, which you can point to folders, even external drives, to index and search. All combined, they offer many ways of searching for data. Because Evernote is based on a model with their server, I doubt they'll ever index anything else on your drive, including Dropbox. It would be interesting if they did, but if/until it happens. there are some phenomenal options already available. Not on a Mac (unfortu
  2. Look, I don't want to start an internet pissing match, but I think it speaks volumes that the handful of times I've posted here (on separate topics), both BurgersNFries and jefito have jumped on my own and others comments basically criticizing why we would want to use the product the way we do, or questioning our comprehension of the product—every time. I can tell these folks are enthusiastic about the product, and I'm sure they've helped hundreds too. But justifying every criticism or feature request on behalf of Evernote is not helpful. I like Evernote too, I just wish it worked differe
  3. Old topic I know, but I was recently searching for ways to integrate dropbox with Evernote and came across this thread. I have a few comments... Not to stray too off topic, but it seems like every time someone has a feature request or some sort of criticism toward Evernote, these so-called "Evernote Evangelists" jump in and just question why someone would want EN to be any different than it currently is. More like Evernote Apologists... Sorry if I am offending anyone. That being said, I know this isn't what Corey was requesting, but you always have the ability to add Dropbox links to Evern
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