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  1. I hear you. I don't think any of those would be any better at this than EN, however. Realmac software makes a product called Ember that is close to what I'm looking for, however it's Mac only and they recently killed the iOS app. To speak nothing of having a cloud component or the ability to link with other services (Evernote).
  2. Why? I don't think EN is in danger of "becoming" Pinterest. They're completely different products. I think Pinterest's ability to collect and sort images with ease is pretty nice. I'm just not in love with the social aspects, which are (at this time) primarily aimed at people other than myself. We are already dumping images into EN, I just want a way to create collections of them in a more visual way than a list or thumbnail "card" view.
  3. In digging through the forums a bit, I discovered a service (in beta) called CardDesk. This is kinda what I'm looking for. I'd like to see something like this rolled into the official apps. I would still like to see an automatic "desktop" board based on any tags or search parameters.
  4. I find myself dumping more and more images into Evernote. Beyond receipts, document scans, and annotations, I'm clipping things from the web and other places that are inspirational images for projects. Is this a common use case? If so, I'm not ecstatic about how Evernote handles images. It's not much better than dumping images into a word document... So my feature request is a gallery like feature where you can see all your image notes in a Pinterest-like fashion. Then, be able to sort them using tag filters and other search parameters. Basically, I'm looking for an Adobe Bridge for Evernote. Is this a ridiculous request? I would just use pinterest, but it lacks the ability to add context to your pins. By context, I mean text notes, annotations, links, locations, etc... That, and I'm just trying to consolidate my digital life as much as possible.
  5. I've been having issues with it as well. You can right-click to clip things, but I like to use the simplified article tool it offers and when I click the extension button I get this: Cookies are allowed. Javascript is allowed to run. I disabled adblock (I also tried disabling Instapaper after I captured this screenshot). It's running v.6.2.6; I got it from the Chrome web store. Any ideas on how to fix? Chrome on Windows 7.
  6. Hmmm...sounds a lot like Evernote's tags. Not exactly. Yes, saved searches will do this, but until saved search (creation) is supported on mobile, it's useless to me, not to mention the fact that it's a kludgey way of doing what I described.
  7. It's tricky. On one hand, I think a lot of people count on notebooks (and Evernote's existing structure) to organize their notes, but it would be tremendously useful if the platform was re-architected to treat notes like they are kept in one big folder, then distributed to notebooks as sortcut's or alias'. Then you could put notes into multiple notebooks. Adobe Lightroom and Bridge are good examples of how this works. You can put images or documents into "collections" no matter where they are on your system (without actually moving the files). Libraries on Windows 7 and up work this way as well. Edit: Actually, playlists in iTunes or Spotify are a better way of thinking about this. This could make the concept of note linking different, but maybe easier. Instead of linking to other notes in a note, you could put all related notes for a project or topic in one collection (even if they're permanently residing in your existing notebook structure). I would love to hear from someone at Evernote on the feasibility of this. I have to imagine it would be a significant change, but I'm not a programmer.
  8. If you are on a Mac, your Dropbox folder and your Evernote notes are both indexed and easily searchable, though I prefer the HoudahSpot front end for Spotlight. Another alternative is DevonThink, which you can point to folders, even external drives, to index and search. All combined, they offer many ways of searching for data. Because Evernote is based on a model with their server, I doubt they'll ever index anything else on your drive, including Dropbox. It would be interesting if they did, but if/until it happens. there are some phenomenal options already available. Not on a Mac (unfortunately), but that's pretty cool OSX indexes Evernotes. Does it index EN tags as well, or... how does it work? I have this vision (hazy at best), but it would be cool if there existed a "cloud OS". One place to go with everything accessible everywhere. Like Evernote, but beyond notes. Google's probably getting very close to this ideal, but I don't think their services are adequate for my needs just yet.
  9. Look, I don't want to start an internet pissing match, but I think it speaks volumes that the handful of times I've posted here (on separate topics), both BurgersNFries and jefito have jumped on my own and others comments basically criticizing why we would want to use the product the way we do, or questioning our comprehension of the product—every time. I can tell these folks are enthusiastic about the product, and I'm sure they've helped hundreds too. But justifying every criticism or feature request on behalf of Evernote is not helpful. I like Evernote too, I just wish it worked differently sometimes and I'd like to think that if enough folks feel the same way on these forums, perhaps the team would take that into consideration.
  10. Old topic I know, but I was recently searching for ways to integrate dropbox with Evernote and came across this thread. I have a few comments... Not to stray too off topic, but it seems like every time someone has a feature request or some sort of criticism toward Evernote, these so-called "Evernote Evangelists" jump in and just question why someone would want EN to be any different than it currently is. More like Evernote Apologists... Sorry if I am offending anyone. That being said, I know this isn't what Corey was requesting, but you always have the ability to add Dropbox links to Evernote's, which is handy if you need to reference something stored in Dropbox. To BurgersNFries; why would someone want to use up a pretty limited amount of space in Evernote to attach files?? Dropbox (and other similar service) are much better suited to the task. I can see the appeal of having your Dropbox index sync'ed to Evernote; it would extend the reach of EN and further the agenda of being the first place you go for everything you need to remember in your life.
  11. After playing with saved searches for a bit I have figured out why they are not the solution for what we're looking for, and not just because I don't think it's the best UI paradigm... Saved searches are great for what they are: searches. Yes, you can add multiple criteria, but adding criteria is filtering the search. It's a subtractive process (search for notes with tag: A that were also created on date: xx/xx/xx). I think 'smart notebooks' could be great for automatically collecting things. You should be able to set criteria in an additive fashion. To my knowledge, saved searches cannot do this. Example: Lets say I want to be able to automatically collect notes in one notebook named "Favorite meals". The criteria for collecting the notes would be all of the following: tag: recipiestag: memorable mealssource: evernote foodlocation: notes created at my favorite resturantsearch term: "yum!"Obviously notes that are tagged "recipies" are not likely to also be from evernote food, and a search cannot find two different things at once, it only filters criteria. Does this make sense to anyone else? Is there a way to search additively that I'm not aware of?
  12. The difference would be this- ease of use. Smart folders, or notebooks, are not a Mac unique concept and are a fairly common UI paradigm for automatically collecting things with common metadata. In the case of evernote, that could be tags, location, time, etc... It's a difference between searching and collecting. Yes, apparently saved searches accomplish the same thing, and if you can dock them to the left, great (although I don't think that's possible with the web app or mobile). But the fact that I only discovered saved searches by searching google for "evernote smart folders" makes them too obtuse, IMHO.
  13. Ok, you're right. But the fact that I had to hunt for this feature should tell you how successful it is...
  14. Yes, saved searches work as described, but they are hardly an elegant solution. I didn't even know they existed until I Googled "evernote smart folders" and this forum post was at the top of the list. Then I had to hunt around in the Evernote web app to figure out how to use them. If saved searches could be "docked" on the left with the notebook and tag lists, then they would be much more satisfying to me, but even then, would you be able to be nested them like normal notebooks? At that point the nomenclature would be just stupid. A list of smart notebooks (highlighted by a different notebook icon) on the left makes for faster, and more obvious access to saved searches as well. With smart noteboks being differentiated from saved searches, you could accomplish some pretty trick searches... You could search smart notebooks (with all the pre-searched criteria they have) along with tags and other metadata not included in the smart notebook... A 'smart notebook' or even 'search notebook' is more logical than a saved search, IMHO.
  15. Agreed. Also, saved searches don't exist across platforms. Folders do. Smart folders should too.
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