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  1. I always download a fresh installer. The clean computer install is very different, it's nearly a new machine and doesn't run anything the same except for Microsoft Windows 10. It's primary rule is a media server/streaming. My work laptop goes between 3 different networks and isp's. 3 machines all the same problem, one being that new machine that never had evernote on it before. Also why would anything just interfere with tasks? Why not all the notes?
  2. This is a good idea, thank you! Any opinion of the fresh install on a new pc that has never seen evernote? Why it would have the same tasks issue?
  3. UPDATE 9/21 - TASKS STILL DO NOT APPEAR. Windows Client 10.21.5 (2931) I've tried everything listed above.... Support is so slow at responding and very little actual "try this" information. So here is my own troubling shooting. Today I had a thought. I have a another windows 10 machine that has NEVER had evernote installed. So I downloaded the client from evernote's site and installed it. Rebooted. And logged in. SAME ISSUE! So, how can it be an install issue, or file issue. I think it's one of a few things: #1 - something in my task data the client doesn't like and halts processing of the tasks #2 - Is my login not fully connecting everything to the servers? (see syncing below) #3 - a server side issue. could the google drive/file connection warning thing that is on your site be an issue? I might have some google file references in my notes, but nothing related to tasks. When I click on tasks and the slide out box appears no tasks, show and it just spins. Today I noticed the wording of "SYNCING" at the top of the screen. I cannot say I've seen this before. (screenshot) Also, my android tablet works 90%. I can see flagged tasks, tasks assigned, and due date tasks. Only the tab TASK by Notes doesn't work. TASKs do appear properly in the Web Client at this time. I'm waiting on support to respond, I have asked them to escalate this support ticket. My next home brew trouble shooting is to delete all the task from my data and see what happens. I only have 22 notes that have task, but there are maybe 50 tasks so it will not be fun. So I will wait on support before I try that.
  4. Yep same problem had this issue back in August, did what PinkElephant suggest and it work then. It's not work for me this go around. My post on my issues is here:
  5. I've not sent in a support ticket yet. I wanted to get to work and see how my work pc was. So Monday get to work, and the work pc now doesn't show task, just spins when I'm on the task tab, or widget. No update to this machine nothing, it's on 10.20.4 Why does this happen? I had this issue 2-3 revisions ago and I was instructed to log out, deleting my data and reboot and login again and that worked, then. The same procedure isn't work, nor any of the other methods in the above comments. I think the evernote mascot needs to go from elephant to a monkey, cause that's all you do now is monkey around trying to get it to work consistently.
  6. 10.21.5 Everything working one day, next day tasks just won't show up . I've done everything, uninstall it deleted data, directories, reinstall .. nope Download revo Uninstaller, uninstalled d, rebooted reinstall ...nope Even my tablet won't show tasks in by note tab. All other tabs okay. Web version works fine... figures
  7. Do you tag only? Or do you tag and move to notebooks? I know some that only use notebooks, I know others that tag mostly and have few notebooks. I'm somewhere in the middle.
  8. Well, I disagree 🙂 and hence why I mentioned about having preferences. Before this revision happened, I could use that create button and know where that task was going. Why would you need it the other way? If you have notes you want to add tasks to go and open that note up! To me the default task note is for those tasks that don't have a home currently in your note system. Quick Tasks. Anything that is a project or more detail info is needed for the task then it get's its own note. Selecting the correct note out of the TASK popup is horrible slow. So as I see it this TASK button is useless for me. I'd sure like to get a vote on these changes that are made like this.
  9. I don't post much but dang it Evernote has been a big part of my digital life for 10 years+ that bugs/changes are really personal. I think that's why we such a kick back from the loyal members with all the changes/bugs. Anyway...I'm sure it's "designed this way".. so maybe not a "bug"... but doesn't make sense to this guy. When I click on the NEW button in windows EN and select TASK, I get the pop up dialog that prompts for all the information. Works well. But you better be watching, cause if you are like me thinking this is automatically goes to your default task note you are mistaken! You need to pay attention cause EN puts this newly created TASK in what ever note maybe selected behind this popup box. Not the action I would expect nor want. I want that button to go into the default task note. IF I have a project note or special list of task in another note then I would go edit that. There is no way I have found to not have a note highlighted. Even if you random selected a new notebook, the top note is selected. I would like to see this changed, OR at least give me the option to set this in preferences. Which speaking of preferences, there are 2. Remember all the preferences we use to have? OH well.
  10. I like this idea, but I also don't know why tags and notebooks are not together. Why do I have to tag at the bottom then go to the top to move the note.
  11. I am on Android 11. The flashing squares appear for a few seconds and then disappear. All the other tabs load data [tasks] correctly. By date and by flagged The note THINGS TO DO is my default task note. I really don't want to have to reinstall EN as downloading folders is painfully slow.
  12. I'm confused. Is this in regards to 10.15 not showing tasks in the "task by note" tab? My task all show up except for the tab "by Note" I have reported this to support. I was on 10.14 no issues after the upgrade tasks "by note" tab in the task menu is blank.
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