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  1. What I'm talking about is when I click on a tag, it used to be in version 4 it would stay in whatever Notebook I was in. Now in 5, I click a Notebook, it shows me all the notes in that Notebook, so far so good. But then when I click on a tag, to search that Notebook for just that tag, it deselects the Notebook I was in and displays all notes for that tag, from all notebooks. I have to ctrl-click both the Notebook and tag to limit the display to tags in that Notebook. That's not the way it worked in 4. Example, I have an "Action Pending" notebook for things I need to do, and a "Completed" notebook for things I have finished. I have project tags assigned to the actions for each project I am working on. I don't want to see the "Completed" notebook notes when I select a project tag, if I am (was) in the Action Pending notebook. So I have to ctrl-click both the Action Pending notebook and the project tag. If I want to select a different project tag, I again have to ctrl-click both Action Pending and the project tag. So now I have extra ctrl-clicks that I did not have before.
  2. In version 4, you could select tags and it would search just in the notebook you were in. Now in version 5, when I selct a tag, it searches all notebooks, unless I ctrl-click. How can I change v5 to behave like v4, where the selected notebook is the notebook that is searched? And I would prefer not to have to ctrl-click everytime I search a different tag (unless I'm searching for multiple tags), or use the dropdown box.
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