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  1. Apple just announced that their notes app in iOS9 will be getting a major overhaul, and one thing is it will allow you so sketch directly into a note. That's all I ever wanted to be able to do in iOS Evernote. I guess I'll be switching back to Apple Notes then..
  2. Likewise, though I'm no longer bothered as I use Goodnotes for all my handwritten notes, and evernote for everything else. I'm really not interested in running two separate apps, switching between them is just too clunky, the only way it would be useful to me would be to have handwriting built in to Evernote. I have loads of occasions when I'm taking notes and just need to insert a very quick scribbled diagram, but switching apps mid-flow just doesn't work in practice. Too slow.
  3. Switching out to a separate app is way too clunky for day to day use. What we need is in built handwriting in the main app, as it is in the Android version. MUCH better option. For standalone handwritten notes I use GoodNotes, it's far superior to Penultimate in just about every way.
  4. IMHO it should be the FIRST option under sharing, with work chat a secondary option.
  5. I'd rather see handwriting built into the main app as it is on Android..
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