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  1. Apple just announced that their notes app in iOS9 will be getting a major overhaul, and one thing is it will allow you so sketch directly into a note. That's all I ever wanted to be able to do in iOS Evernote. I guess I'll be switching back to Apple Notes then..
  2. Likewise, though I'm no longer bothered as I use Goodnotes for all my handwritten notes, and evernote for everything else. I'm really not interested in running two separate apps, switching between them is just too clunky, the only way it would be useful to me would be to have handwriting built in to Evernote. I have loads of occasions when I'm taking notes and just need to insert a very quick scribbled diagram, but switching apps mid-flow just doesn't work in practice. Too slow.
  3. I wear a Withings Pulse for activity tracking and use their WIFI scales too so I use the Withings app for iOS and their website. I use MyFitnessPal on iOS and the web for tracking my nutrition.
  4. Switching out to a separate app is way too clunky for day to day use. What we need is in built handwriting in the main app, as it is in the Android version. MUCH better option. For standalone handwritten notes I use GoodNotes, it's far superior to Penultimate in just about every way.
  5. Evernote is the only Mac app I regular use which doesn't allow me to customise the toolbar. And now they've forced a fugly great button on there for a feature I will NEVER use, which replaced a button that I did use, and which (when the window is smaller) forces off the search bar which I use ALL THE TIME! Absolutely ridiculous! I'd bet the vast majority of Evernote users use it as a single user, so why the heck they have to keep ramming this work chat rubbish down our throat is beyond me.
  6. IMHO it should be the FIRST option under sharing, with work chat a secondary option.
  7. +1 This is a pain in the **** I have no use whatsoever for a 'chat' feature as I only use Evernote for my personal notes so this button is just a fugly waste of space on a toolbar that can't be customised. Every other Mac app allows the user to customise the toolbar except Evernote! Worse still is that if the window is smaller and the notebook name is longer it will push the search box off the toolbar altogether. i.e. hide the thing I use all the time to force feed a feature I'll never use - GREAT!
  8. The thing I'd be most interested in would be the integrated handwriting from the Android version. Yes, I know that penultimate is lovely on the iPad, but it's still a separate app and that's never going to be as convenient as having it built right into the main app, and of course we have no handwriting capability at all on the iPhone..
  9. I'm in the same boat. I want to insert handwritten notes / sketches INTO an existing Evernote document, not just save them as a separate image in Evernote. That's not the same thing at all. Yes, I know I can open the Penultimate image, then copy & paste it into evernote, but that's still really clunky and one way.. Given that inline handwriting is available for the Android app, it's a real shame that the iOS version is lagging so badly behind, especially given that Evernote have their own iOS stylus! Still, this is the Mac forum, so slightly OT, but then I'd love to insert hand drawn sketches on my Mac via my Wacom tablet too!
  10. I'd rather see handwriting built into the main app as it is on Android..
  11. Penultimate is not the be-all and end-all... Android users have the advantage of the handwriting support in the app itself.. Switching to a separate app is a pain!
  12. RiK

    other Jotscript

    The pen works great on iOS, but it's a shame that the android version has the better handwriting options, I,e integration in the main app, not requiring a totally separate application which can't post inline into a note.
  13. Couldn't agree more! Evernote desperately needs the ability to insert handwritten sketches in the main app. Penultimate is ok for standalone sketches but little use for inline images and diagrams.
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