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  1. I think this is a big flaw in the new version and hope that Evernote fixes it quickly. I can look left to see which note is highlighted, but the eye motion of looking left is not as natural as just looking up to see the title of the note. No, it's still there. Left panel, below the shortcuts there is a button that reads "Notes." In my case there is a figure of 10379 after it. Alternatively, go to the toolbar: there is an icon there that shows all notes. Right-click in the toolbar area and select "customize toolbar" if it is not there. I hope that Evernote adds an "All Notes" option to the drop down menu of my Notebooks. It was always the first choice in the previous version. I don't like the fact that they removed it. Lastly, the new graphical style is definitely harder to look at than the old one. There's not enough contrast between the different areas of the window, making the whole product harder to read and navigate. I hope Evernote adds some contrast back so it looks closer to the previous version.
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