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  1. Hey folks! This is my first topic submission on the Evernote Discussion Forums. I'm very excited to have found this space to engage with other users! As many of you probably did, I recently attended EC3 in SF. This really gave me a strong sense of the increasing domination of Evernote in the world of productivity. Reflecting on my experience, I just completed a blog post on why I think this is the case. If you're interested, check it out here: http://actualizingself.com/2013/10/06/evernote-set-to-take-over-world-of-productivity/ What does everyone else think? I'd be curious to hear other's thoughts on who if there are any other companies out there giving Evernote a run for their money. Chris
  2. Great! Looking forward to following the ambassadors @Chris_A_Porto!
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