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  1. I've been using Evernote for some years on Windows and Android devices, and think highly of the app. Never had a problem. As of October 2, 2013 I began experiencing anomalies in each of the computers/phones/tablets which I use for my one evernote account. First, in chromebook the app would decrypt encrypted blocks properly only once, and then just show a graphic of the encrypted box (the graphic expanded but did not ask nor allow for the decryption password.) Worse, chromebook did not allow removal of the app. Considering it possible that chromebook had been hacked, I downloaded all evernotes (I do that monthly, but this was a mite early for October) then went to Evernote online and removed access for the chromebook. (Nice touch, that--good on those evernote staffers!) Two days later the icon on my office desktop for evernote would not open the program. Searching the folder where evernote once nested, I found nothing was in that folder except the icon. Wondering if this desktop had been hacked, using Control I went to UNINSTALL and oddly enough, evernote was there, so I removed the program. Getting nervous, I wondered what is going on? Thunk to myself, gee either all my devices are being hacked, or maybe, hmm maybe is evernote demanding an upgrade to the current version? Removed/uninstalled evernote from all devices. Downloaded the current version to all devices. This fresh Evernote when opened on my desktop does not recognize my password. Requested received and reset password online. Opened desktop with no further problem. Online I confirmed access to all devices then activated two-step process on all devices from each device. Enabled Google Authenticator on all devices. Got list of verified codes for all devices. At the conclusion, signed out of Evernote online, then later on signed back in, only to find two-step process is again unenabled. What's up with that? @guyatree 131007
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