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  1. @gazumped. For what it's worth, Evernote support's suggestion was to log out then log back in. I didn't have opportunity to determine if this works since I'd already fixed problem using method in my (edited) original post.
  2. Three issues, all of them serious (1) tags that are visible in windows on notes in windows client not visible in same note on web. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when this happens or why. (2) when I click on "tags" in left pane, should see a list of all my tags. Instead, only a tiny subset appear. (3) when trying to add tags on the web, only the tags that show up on this web listing can be added. Attempting to add other tags does nothing. Are others experiencing any/all of the above? Not sure if this is a new bug or an old problem (There are some posts about this from months ago.) Either way, it's been over a year since the "New Web Experience" was announced with much fanfare. Very disappointing that this basic functionality not working yet. EDIT: Just switched back to old version of web client, which does not seem to suffer from these problems. My comment above stands. SOLUTION: For anyone else experiencing this problem, I found solution (some helpful staff member posted in response to a different issue). Open evernote in chrome. Then open javascript console (in chrome on windows this is done by pressing Ctrl+Shift+j. Then type the following: Cupboard.clear() and then enter. Remains to be seen if I'll have to do this repeatedly.
  3. Perhaps because my laptop has a high resolution monitor, fonts in the "note list" pane (the one that shows list of notes with partial content) is tiny. Is there a way to make this text more visible?
  4. Thanks for posting. Experiencing in Chrome Version 45.0.2454.85 m (on Windows XP).
  5. When one edits a note by, for example, adding a tag to the actively selected note in the right pane, the left pane "resets." In other words, the list goes back up to the first note. This is the case even if sort order is "date created," which obviously wouldn't change after an edit. I often find myself working though a list of notes -- One frequent scenario is going through recently clipped notes to see if I've added them to the right notebook and tagged appropriately. Another is after a search. It's disconcerting (and a waste of time) to have to scroll back down the list again trying to figure out exactly where I left off. This certainly isn't the expected behavior when sort order doesn't change. And even if sorted by date modified, I'd rather that left pane view be left where it was for some period of time (though I recognize that this might not be ideal under all circumstancesO. Generally love the new web interface, by the way.
  6. Did a search and found that this issue was addressed in a post in December. See Accessing URLs from clipped web pages According to the Evernote employee who responded ("nanphan"), they agree this is an issue and will be fixing it "soon." See excerpt below: Posted 22 December 2014 - 01:18 PM fratony, on 22 Dec 2014 - 09:29 AM, said: Hi fratony, I just wanted to follow up with you and emphasize that this scenario is important to us and we will address the ease of access to the original URL in a future release. For now, the workaround is to click on the "i" and go to the Information Panel and copy the URL. We understand this is unideal and will be fixing this soon. Since this is still a Beta, we don't have all of the features available yet. If you'd like, you can roll back to the non-beta version of the webclient by following these instructions: https://discussion.e...e-new-web-beta/ Nancy
  7. You are missing Elkerton's point. He's referring to what happens when one saves something from the web to evernote using the web clipper. When part or all of something from the web is saved in this manner, Evernote saves the URL of the source web page along with other information about the note (like when it was created). This is part of the metadata for the note. There's no need to separately paste the URL into a note, and the URL doesn't appear in the body of the note (unless it happened to be on the web page that is being clipped). In the desktop client (Windows), this source URL appears as a link in just about every view of the note, and can be clicked on to return you to the source web page. In the new version of the web client, the URL is avaiable in the "Note info" (reached by clicking on "i" surrounded by circle). This can be edited or copied and pasted, but isn't a live "link." Agree that this isn't as convenient as having link readily available when viewing note, though it does further evernote's objective of having a "cleaner" interface; so there's a tradeoff.
  8. Happy to report that (i) is back. Maybe I am losing my mind.
  9. I'm enjoying the note beta, but an occasionally frustraded by the inability to see the source URL for a note. (This would seem to be a particularly salient feature in version of evernote that is being access through a browser.) I was very happy, therefore, when I saw an "i" in a circle on a note today, clicked it, and was able to see URL as well as other information about the note. Now, though, I'm doubting my sanity as this feature seems to have disappeared without a trace.
  10. I have the same issue but, unlike the original poster, I do want to save the clips, or at least find out what they are so that I can re-clip them. Is there any way of accomplishing this?
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