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  1. After reading 10 pages, I came to the realization that a dark theme for the windows client, sadly, is something that I (as many others) can't expect in the near future. As certainly there are some workarounds on this situation (css styles for firefox using "stylish" addon, or Alternote for mac users), my favorite one is the use of a external text editor. Sublime Text has a plugin called (with all redundancy) "Evernote for Sublime Text", which allows you to create, open, and update my notes on the text editor (which has a native dark theme), and even I can create a new notebook!. Additionally, I can use markdown syntax for formatting the text (a huge plus). At least for me, this is the greatest workaround about having a dark theme for evernote (even if it's not the official/original client). I also attach a couple of screenshots to show how a note looks on Sublime, and how is the final result on evernote. I don't know if someone will find this useful as it is for me, but I wanted to share it anyway. Best regards.
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