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  1. Hi all, I've been happily using and recommending Evernote premium sind 2011. But in the last month it really got worse. Currently I am using my last three month of Premium membership to evaluate what I will take as a future replacement. But what is so annoying?? "Ads" and popups As I mentioned I am Premium user. I wouldn't care if you introduce new features with a small popup. Even if you would do this once on every new version. But since weeks I get those popups every single day, again and again. "Use a widget", "Send your mails to evernote", "use chat", "use business"... When I am opening the Evernote app I want to see me notes. Not an fullscreen advertisement. Webclient The same with the web client. I saw screenshots of the new beta version and knew, I don't want to use this. It looks terrible, it lacks contrast, its not nicely to use.... and it does not even have a logout button (I know, its somewhere in the settings, but why there??). So I decided not to use it. This ended with permanent fullscreen notification "use our beta" on every single login. After a few weeks I decided to use the beta client just to get rid of this permenant annoyance. But what has been the result?? I am using a beta client that I don't want to use and still getting this fullscreen notification everytime!! Reduced functionality You are creating a lot of new features that most people do not need. Thats fine, nobody has to use them. But at the same time you are removing optional features that were important to a lot of users and did not disturb people who did not use them. Mostly talking about the "Hide unassigned tags" feature. I had to reorder my whole account after you silently removed it. Decreasing reliability While you are doing all the things mentioned above the reliability of the service is decreasing slowly but steadily. Changes on my iOS client are often not synched to my account. Synchronization often fails without even getting an error message. Just one example that I am facing nearly every week: I create my shopping list in Evernote. Usually I am doing this with the Windows client. As network availability if often worse in supermarkets I sync the shopping list at home to my smartphone using an offline notebook (just to be sure). Last week it happend again: I was in the supermarket trying to access my shopping list. The app opened and started synching. After a few seconds it stopped. I tried to open my shopping list but it was completely empty (although I offline synched it at home). It took me ten minutes of permanently killing and restarting the app and synching again and again to access my small shopping list. And this is not only happening on shopping lists. So overall... for years it has been fun to use evernote.But currently it is not. And was not in the last few month. I am not sure if Evernote started targetting business users only. But for me it looks like you are not caring for normale (premium) user. I will definitely close my account after my Premium runs out. But maybe someone of Evernote will read this and remember former quality and the "ordinary" users that made you so successful. Regards...
  2. This is not funny, seriously. I started paying for Evernote Premium because it was fullfilling my needs. Hiding unassigned tags was a very important feature for me. Now that they got my money, they are removing features??
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